Peaks Climbed: Mount Geikie, "Ambush Peak", "Ambush Peak North" & Raid Peak

Peak Heights: 12,378' / 12,187' / 12,173' / 12,532'

Route: S to N Traverse from East Fork

Difficulty: Class 4

Location: Wind River Range, Wyoming

Trailhead: Big Sandy Opening

Mileage & Gain: 10 mi & 5,000 ft RT

Date Climbed: August 17, 2018

This group of peaks lines the spectacularly sweeping western edge of the glacier carved East Fork. The East Fork is a special place many miles from any trailhead. Spending a day traversing it's length up high is grand.

From camp at Pyramid Lake I dropped into the East Fork and clawed my way up a scree slope to the Geikie-Ambush col. Geike can be kept 2nd class from here, but most will be more concerned with finding the maximally efficient path through the maze of various boulders, regardless of what that entails. The theme for the whole trip will be extreme boulder fielding.

To avoid a vertical section of ridge blocking access to Ambush, traverse north on the west side of the ridge to a huge, obvious black dike (as per Kelsey). Scramble class 3+ straight up the steep dike to regain the ridge. Ambush and North Ambush are boulder hops from here. The views from Ambush are exceptional.

North Ambush was my intended turn around point for the day. Raid is less than a mile off, but Kelsey doesn’t mention a route connecting the two and I had assumed the ridge did not go. My eyes told me otherwise though, and the weather was holding. I was surprised to encounter steep slabs coming off of Ambush North, but with some routefinding I managed to keep it comfortable fourth class. Relentless boulder hopping got me up Raid. I descended Raid's north face to the Raid-Bonneville col and then into the East Fork.

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