Peak Climbed: "Arch Peak"

Peak Height: 7,134'

Route: N Ridge via Langston Canyon

Difficulty: Class 4

Location: Zion National Park, Utah

Trailhead: Hop Valley

Mileage & Gain: 13.5 mi & 3,000 ft RT

Date Climbed: November 18, 2018

"Arch Peak" is an obscure little summit near the heart of Hop Valley. It piqued my interest from nearby Burnt Mountain this past spring. Given that it was one of the easiest of my few remaining climbable Zion peaks, it was a natural choice for the first day of Kevin and my week-long Thanksgiving trip.

Most of the hike is on trail, though the Hop Valley Trail is annoyingly sandy in places. Langston Canyon is rather friendly except for one steep, dirty slope.

Gaining the north ridge of Arch Peak from Langston Canyon is straightforward until the top. We climbed up a short, unexposed fifth class slab but found an easier way down. The ridge itself has two short, distinct 4th class cruxes. The upper one is a little dirty and exposed and gets your attention.

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