What to do with our last day in the Peak Lake area is obvious. I've been hoping this would work out all along: Mount Arrowhead. We've been staring at this striking beauty from an assortment of angles over the course of the last week and I'm excited that its time has come. Teresa and Mark made an ascent in the beginning of the trip while we were off bagging Warren so we know it has no surprises up its sleeves. Afterwords we'll begin the long trek back to civilization, hopefully making it to Fremont Crossing tonight. Tomorrow afternoon our wrangler is scheduled to pick up our gear there and haul it the remaining 14 miles out.

Arrowhead & Bow as seen from G-4.

The east side of Bow Mountain.

Bow and Arrowhead as seen on the approach to Arrowhead's East Ridge.

Dominic and American Legion. We climbed the ridge on the right from Titcomb Basin a few years ago.

We take advantage of the lingering snow, strap on crampons, and follow it as high as we can toward the saddle.

Another shot of beautiful Bow and Arrowhead.

Henderson (one of the finest peaks in the Winds) and unranked Bondage (which I have regrettably never climbed).

Typical North Wind River choss below the saddle.

The scramble up the East Ridge is about to begin. The easiest path is usually a bit left of the crest but there are numerous options.

Mostly nice, solid rock.

Dominic and Twin Peaks.


Nifty dihedral.

Henderson and Bondage dominate the views as we climb.

Split Mountain and Twin Peaks.

Dominic on the summit with Bow in the background.

Bow Mountain and Arrowhead's early morning shadow.

Elbow Peak and Elbow Lake.

Another shot of Henderson and Bondage. Sacagawea and Fremont are the two higher peaks on the left.

Twin Peaks, Knapsack Col, Winifred and American Legion as seen from Arrowhead. The row of distant peaks in the back is Pinnacle Ridge, Woodrow Wilson, Sphinx, Warren and Helen.

Above the Arrowhead-American Legion saddle.

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