Peak Names: Atlantic & Pacific Peaks

Peak Heights: 13,841' / 13,950'

Location: Tenmile Range, Colorado

Trailhead: Mayflower Gulch TH

Routes: West Ridge / South Ridge

Difficulty: Class 2

Round Trip Stats: 7.2 mi, 3600 ft

Date Climbed: 1/7/2017

Atlantic and Pacific Peaks are two high centennial thirteeners with easy winter access and reasonably safe winter routes in most conditions. I like to think of them as low hanging fruit with some character.

Six of us braved the bitter cold to climb Atlantic's west ridge and a subset of us added on Pacific as well, finally decending to the west into Pacific Creek from the saddle between the two. The slopes we descended were steep but had very thin snow cover, a nasty mix of partially snow covered talus and scree.

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