Peak Name: Mount Bierstadt

Peak Height: 14,060'

Location: Front Range, Colorado

Route: West Slopes

Trailhead: Guanella Pass Campground

Difficulty: Class 2

Round Trip Stats: 12 mi, 4200 ft

Date Climbed: 3/6/2016

This was Dwight's last winter fourteener. Party hike! Dwight became the 6th person to finish the winter 14er list on this day and Mike Silvestro claimed the number seven spot the following day on Pyramid Peak. Dom became finisher number eight a couple weeks later on Pikes Peak. Before this no season had ever seen multiple finishers, and most seasons have seen none. Times are changing.

Frozen 14er Club members in chronological order:

1) Tom Mereness
2) Jim Bock
3) Aron Ralston
4) Steve Gladbach
5) Me
6) Dwight Sunwall
7) Mike Silvestro
8) Dom

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