Peak Climbed: Boreas Mountain

Peak Height: 13,082'

Route: West Slopes

Difficulty: Class 2

Location: Front Range, Colorado

Trailhead: Boreas Pass western winter gate

Mileage & Gain: 16 mi & 3,000 ft RT

Date Climbed: January 20, 2019

A heavily used trailhead and approach and an avy safe line make Boreas Mountain a great winter objective. Even though the hike is 16 miles long, nearly 13 miles of that is along the inevitably well tracked Boreas Pass Road. The Section House and Ken's Cabin sit at the top of the pass and are occupied by hut trippers all winter long.

From the pass gentle slopes lead to Boreas' broad north ridge which can develop a significant cornice on its east side. The summit area is somewhat interesting, which I had either forgotten since my first visit ten years ago or hadn't appreciated without the thick blanket of snow.

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