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  • Carsons Tower is a small formation in the Fisher Tower area near Moab, Utah. The easiest route to the summit goes up between the two lobes and is rated 5.7. width:640;;height:360
  • Dominic leads up the tower. The first bit is unprotectable on poor rock but the climbing is easy and fairly secure. width:640;;height:360
  • Stemming is the name of the game for the majority of the short climb. width:270;;height:480
  • The crux of the climb is transitioning for a stemming position onto the higher lobe. Luckily this part is protected by two pins. width:640;;height:360
  • Dominic sits at the top anchor. width:640;;height:360
  • View north. width:640;;height:360
  • View southeast toward the main Fisher Towers. width:640;;height:360
  • width:640;;height:360
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