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  • Fisher Towers area as seen from the parking lot. The Kingfisher is the large formation on the right. width:640;;height:344
  • The lovely hunk of mud known as Dock Rock. width:640;;height:360
  • Looking west to Castle Valley at sunrise. width:640;;height:360
  • Dominic begins scrambling up Dock Rock. width:640;;height:377
  • Rock or mud? This is the consistency of Dock Rock. width:640;;height:360
  • Dominic leads up slightly better quality rock higher up. width:640;;height:360
  • Dominic belays me from below the summit ridge. width:640;;height:384
  • width:640;;height:360
  • View west from the summit ridge. width:640;;height:360
  • Looking down at the parking lot. width:640;;height:360
  • Dominic clips a bolt while traversing the airy summit ridge. width:640;;height:360
  • width:292;;height:480
  • Dominic rappels down the north side of Dock Rock. width:640;;height:360
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