Peak Name: Dock Rock

Peak Height: 4,900'

Location: Fisher Towers

Approach: 1/10 mi from Fisher Tower lot

Route: Impish

Difficulty: 5.4

Length of Climb: 2 pitches

Date Climbed: 10/28/2015

Dock Rock is a long and narrow east/west running fin just south of the Fisher Towers parking lot. Viewed from that angle, this minor formation is a rather uninspiring mound of dirt that blends in with the infinitely mightier towers behind it. But the seldom seen view of Dock Rock from the opposite direction leads one to a higher opinion of this little pile of dirt. It's actually a fairly impressive stack of mud.

Kylie and I decided to make a quick trip up Dock Rock after our climb of Ancient Art to round out the afternoon. The first "pitch" is a dirty but straightforward scramble. The second pitch, which we chose to rope up for, begins with 5.4 slab climbing protected by a #3 - #4 crack. I noticed a small, motionless snake crammed deep inside as I reached in to place a cam. I have no idea if it was dead or alive. The pitch ends at a bolted anchor on the narrow and airy summit ridge. One 200 foot rappel down the north face gets you down.

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