Francs Peak is the highpoint of the Absaroka Range of northern Wyoming and the only summit that rises above 13,000 feet. The easiest route to the top starts at 11,000 feet on the Phelps Mountain 4x4 road and only requires a mere 8 mile, 3400 foot round trip. Francs Peak is the only one of Wyoming's 35 thirteeners that's attainable as a daytrip for most mere mortals!

Our first attempt at an ascent with Ryan & Steph was immediately nixed by the muddy mess the road became after a heavy rain storm. Its easy as 4x4 roads go, but do not attempt when wet! Dominic & I returned 4 days later and found success. This area is known for its bear population, including the grizzly variety. We followed bear prints in the fresh snow high on the ridge to within half a mile of the summit!

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