Goat Flat

12,488 ft
Wind River Range, Wyoming
July 21, 2012

Goat Flat is a massive plateau that extends southwest from Arrow Pass. Although guarded by cliffs on many sides the upper plateau is nearly flat and easily accessible. Countless hikers pass it by on the popular Glacier Trail en route to Dinwoody Glacier and Gannett Peak but this rather uninteresting (yet ranked) peak is climbed by few. The summit register indicates approximately one party every other year. Teresa and I used Goat Flat to access the Continental Divide via No Mans Pass on a long backpacking and 13er bagging loop. It would have been a shame not to tag the summit.

Wrangler and pack horse nearing our gear drop point below Goat Flat

Gentle but rocky Goat Flat plateau

View toward No Mans Pass and Downs Mountain from Goat Flat

View east from the top of Goat Flat

Downs Mountain from the rocky summit of Goat Flat

Downs Lake from No Mans Pass

Cliffs on the southwest face of Goat Flat as seen from No Mans Pass

Camp at 12,200 feet below Downs Mountain

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