Peak Climbed: Hagar Mountain

Peak Heights: 13,220'

Route: Southeast Slopes

Difficulty: Class 3

Location: Front Range, Colorado

Trailhead: Dry Gulch

Mileage & Gain: 8.2 mi & 2,900 ft

Date Climbed: March 11, 2018

Hagar Mountain is a nice little surprise of a thirteener. The surrounding terrain is mellow and rather boring, and Hagar doesn't reveal its secret, nifty, jagged summit until very close to the end. This might come as little surprise to anyone familiar with its neighbor, The Citadel, which is also uncharacteristic of the gentle surroundings.

This climb requires somewhat favorable conditions in the winter. The approach is relatively safe from avalances but the final interesting bit to the summit is steep and could be dangerous when heavily loaded. The route is very popular amongst spring skiers.

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