Peak Name: Hagerman Peak

Peak Height: 13,841'

Location: Elk Mountains, Colorado

Route: SW Ridge

Trailhead: Eastern edge of Marble

Difficulty: Class 3

Round Trip Stats: 26 mi, 6950 ft

Date Climbed: 2/27-28/2016

During a long stretch of favorable condtions Dom and I made the second known winter ascent of Hagerman Peak. We did the climb over two days, camping at Geneva Lake Saturday night. There was a good track intact to the lake from recent ascents of neighboring Snowmass Mountain. Beyond that we were on our own but the snow was quite well consolidated for March. The fact that we made it to the lake without putting on snowshoes still blows my mind!

The southwest ridge is long and somewhat tedious, but never very difficult. Parts of the route have avy concerns and I was very happy to not be attempting it in less inspiring conditions.

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