Peak Climbed: "Happy Turk Hoodoo" aka "The Devil's Golfball"

Peak Height: 4,300'

Route: The Happy Turk

Difficulty: 5.8 C0

Location: Kane Springs Canyon, Utah

Trailhead: Kane Creek Road

Mileage & Gain: 0.5 mi & 100 ft RT

Date Climbed: October 28, 2018

The Happy Turk is a mini tower in Kane Springs Canyon, a popular ATV area half an hour from Moab. It's a ten minute walk from the road and a six bolt ladder gets you to the top.

In the old days one was able to drive directly to the base of the climb. Now large boulders block the old road and it has deteriorated to the point where it can't be driven anyway. Old pictures show climbers clipping the high first bolt from the back of their pickup truck. Today a long stick clip and a little frustration eventually get the job done. On both of my visits there has been a heavy metal pole or beam to serve this purpose (bring your own tape), though this time I appreciated having my fancy tent pole stick clip along.

The bolt ladder is short but some of the bolts are ridiculously far apart. I had to call on my trusty stick clip several times. The exit moves above the top bolt are easy, and didn't feel anywhere near the 5.8 rating the route has historically gotten. The "5.5" exit from Lost World Butte's bolt ladder was infinitely spicier.

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