These photos span the final three days of our weeklong winter expedition to climb the Chicago Basin 14ers. With successful climbs of Sunlight, Windom and Eolus under our belts and plenty of time to spare, Dominic & I decided to do a bonus climb of Jupiter Mountain on Christmas day. We enjoyed a casual and carefree ascent in near perfect weather. The following day we backpacked the 12 miles back to Cascade and did a bit of celebrating. On the final day we caught the train back to Durango.

We climb out of Chicago Basin alongside the small drainage below Columbine Pass and not far from the summer trail.

Jupiter's southwest slopes come into view near treeline.

Steep but sun baked and non-threatening.

Grass pokes through on occasion.

We watch Dwight's progress up Eolus' bowl.

On Jupiter's south ridge looking toward the summit.

Looking back down into Chicago Basin and Needle Creek. Photo by Dominic.

Snowshoes are warranted to about 13,700 feet.

Final scramble to the summit.

A short and easy snow slope leads to the summit.

Sunlight and Windom as seen from Jupiter.

Eolus and North Eolus.

Dominic just east of Jupiter's summit. Grizzly & McCauley are on the right.

Me on the summit. Photo by Dominic.

McCauley Peak (left), Hazel Lake, Hope Mountain (low bump on right), Florida Mountain & Mount Valois (right).

Reversing Jupiter's summit ridge.

Back at the Cascade Wye life is a bit more comfortable.

The night is long and dark; we must entertain ourselves.

No tents required.

Greg sun bathing on the shore of the Animas as we wait for the train from Durango to arrive.

Our first non-freeze dried meal in a week! Best BBQ pulled pork sandwhich on the planet.

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