Lizard Rock

Fisher Towers, Utah

April 5, 2014

Lizard Rock is a tiny tower just a stone's throw from the Fisher Tower parking lot. I'd passed by this low hanging desert fruit many a time, waiting for just the right opportunity to tick it off. That time came early one Saturday morning after Dom, Ryan, Steph & I had crashed in the Fisher lot en route to Indian Creek for the weekend. We just couldn't pass up a quick ascent before continuing on. The easiest route, Entry Fee, consists of a single 5.8 pitch which is quite runout [PG-13]. Nothing to write home about, but worth a run if you're in the area and solid at the grade. Dom led the pitch and the rest of us toproped it. This was Steph's first desert tower!

Steph climbing Lizard Rock as seen from the parking lot.

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