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  • CP, DB and Dominic hike up the icy wash. width:640;;height:360
  • Snow on slickrock isn't quite as bad as it sounds but it takes a new sort of routefinding. width:640;;height:360
  • "Lost Peak" comes into view. The north side looks awfully snowy. We'll circle around and check out the sunnier south side. width:640;;height:360
  • We're in luck, the south side is largely dry slickrock. width:640;;height:360
  • DB & CP scramble up slabs on "Lost Peak". width:640;;height:360
  • View west from the summit. The East Temple is on the right. width:640;;height:364
  • Descending "Lost Peak". width:640;;height:360
  • Heading out, sunny but still cold. width:640;;height:360
  • "The Triplets", reportedly a spicy traverse. width:640;;height:360
  • width:640;;height:360
  • "Ant Hill" width:640;;height:360
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