On our very first canyoneering trip in November 2009 Dominic & I descended Paradiso with an incredibly strong group led by none other than Ram himself. At that time information on the canyon wasn't published anywhere on the web and we were instructed "show don't tell", meaning that it was fine to bring friends back but not to publicize it.

For or better or worse, the cat has since been let out of the bag and the general public now enjoys this high quality slot. Regardless, it proved to be the perfect introduction to a weekend at Ticaboo Mesa with good friends, new and old.

Descending Ticaboo Mesa toward the Dante System

A steep slab downclimb gets the job done but only because we're too lazy to find an easier way.

Descending toward Lake Powell and the head of Paradiso.

Slickrock exit scramble back to the rim.

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