Peaks Climbed: "Phoenix Peak" & UN 13,402

Peak Heights: 13,895' / 13,402'

Route: SW Slopes / SW Ridge

Difficulty: Class 2

Location: San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Trailhead: East Willow Creek 2WD

Mileage & Gain: 13.6 mi & 6,000 ft

Date Climbed: January 13, 2018

"Phoenix Peak" is usually a somewhat reasonable, albeit long, stroll in typical winter conditions. I took advantage of the current extreme lack of snow in the southern part of the state and drove all the way to the summer 2WD trailhead which saved quite a few miles of hiking. Despite some minor wallowing I didn't ever feel compelled to put on snowshoes even though I carried them around with me all day. After summitting Phoenix I did a long out and back (about 4 miles) to UN 13,402. I doubt anyone has ever made a "winter" asscent of this obscure 13er before.

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