Peak Name: Pikes Peak

Peak Height: 14,114'

Location: Front Range, Colorado

Route: Northwest Ridge

Trailhead: Rocky Mtn Mennonite Camp (1 mile short of Crags CG)

Difficulty: Class 2

Round Trip Stats: 17.9 mi, 5000 ft

Date Climbed: 3/19/2016

This was Dominic's last (winter) fourteener! On the final day of 2015-2016 calendar winter he became the 8th known person to accomplish this feat. Dwight Sunwall and Mike Silvestro also completed the list this season, which is crazy because up to this point no other season has seen more than one finisher, and the majority see none.

Despite cold, windy weather and poor navigation 16 of us summitted Pikes mid afternoon. There was a cool inversion all day and we walked above the clouds. The summit house wasn't open but functioned as a windbreak and we all bundled up and settled in for a nice little fiesta before starting the long plod down. Thanks to Ken, Ryan, Steph, Kevin, Kylie, Michael, John, Willadee, Phil, Jane, Natalie, Scott, Abe, Matt & Rob for coming along!

Frozen 14er Club members in chronological order:

1) Tom Mereness
2) Jim Bock
3) Aron Ralston
4) Steve Gladbach
5) Me
6) Dwight Sunwall
7) Mike Silvestro
8) Dom

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