Peak Names: Smith Rock / "Misery Ridge" / UN 4,230

Peak Heights: 3,210' / 3,370' / 4,230'

Location: Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

Trailhead: Smith Rock (2,800')

Difficulty: Class 4 C1 / Class 3 / Class 1

Round Trip Stats: 8 mi, 3400 ft

Date Climbed: 5/4/2016

What do you do at Smith Rock on a day with a shitty weather forecast? Peakbag! Which ended up being pretty cool actually.

This little tour began with a short aid climb to the top of the crumbly summit pinnacle of Smith Rock itself. Some brief 4th class scrambling brings one to a short bolt ladder. The bolts are quite spaced; we had to employ a stick clip twice. In the description I'd read beforehand a tall person had managed without a stick slip but supplemented the bolts with a nut or two. The rock is terible, but the summit dramatic and the views incredible. Being the park's namesake, I'm surprised there's not more information published about it.

Next up was a larger but gentler peak in the heart of the park dubbed "Misery Ridge". The popular Misery Ridge trail passes within a stone's throw of the top. A brief stint of 3rd class scrambling deposits one on the true summit.

UN 4,230 isn't actually located inside the borders of Smith Rock State Park, rather just outside. It can however easily be accessed from the park's trail system. Steep but easy walking is all that's required and the views of the park are worthwhile.

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