Peak Names: Mount Baldy, UN 12,175 & UN 12,285

Peak Heights: 12,085' / 12,175' / 12,285'

Location: Wind River Range, Wyoming

Trailhead: Moccasin Lake

Difficulty: Class 2

Mileage & Gain: 9 mi, 2600 ft

Date Climbed: July 30, 2022

After spending the night at the lake at 10,445' along Raft Creek I packed up and hiked the 700 feet to Tepee Pass. Here I stashed most of my belongings and set off for a mind-numbing talup hop to UN 12,175, Mount Baldy, and back to the pass. I can't say it was enjoyable or inspiring.

Once back at the pass I moved my things about half a mile west before stashing them once again and zipping up UN 12,285. This was a bit more friendly than the previous pair; I was relieved to see some grass occasionally. The views from the top were fantastic and it was exciting to get a glimpse at what my future held.

I returned to my stash and packed up for the final haul to Roberts Lake. Some bushwhacking ensued, which is never fun with a heavy pack. Roberts Lake to myself for the night served as a fine reward.

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