Zion National Park, Utah
RT Stats: ~ 3.6 miles & 1,500 feet
Difficulty: Class 4

This pair of easily accessible peaks on the east side of Zion National Park make a perfect outing when you only have a few hours to spare. Both require loose scrambling, with "The Fin" being a bit more difficult than "The Triplets".

Approaching "The Triplets". The summit, and highest of the triplets, is on the left.

"The Fin" is hard to pick out in front of the taller and more dominating "Nippletop".

Loose scrambling up "The Triplets".

The first major inversion we've ever witnessed in the Zion area.

Dominic on top of "The Triplets".

The view west and "The Triplets" shadow.

Starting up the chossy north ridge of "The Fin".

Me on top of "The Fin".

"Nippletop" as seen from "The Fin".

"The Triplets" as seen from "The Fin".

West & East Temples as seen from "The Fin".

Downclimbing the 4th class north ridge of "The Fin".

Vicious Ant Hill.

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