Peaks Climbed: "Neighbor of Putterman", "House of Putterman", "Putterman's Big Toe" & "Putterman's Nub"

Peak Heights: 5,260' / 5,200' / 5,060' / 5,020'

Routes: After the Rain / Walden's Room / Std / Std

Difficulty: 5.10 / 5.10+ / 5.8 / 5.7 C0

Location: Tusher Canyon, Utah

Trailhead: Tusher Canyon jeep road

Mileage & Gain: 1.5 mi & 1,060 ft RT (over 2 days)

Date Climbed: October 4 - 5, 2019

After tackling the Tusher Canyon jeep road Mark and I spent two days cragging and bagging various Putterman summits in Tusher Canyon before continuing on to Monitor and Merrimac Buttes. For the most part the road is pretty mellow, but there is one narrow constriction near the beginning that was a nervous challenge in my new, wide-as-hell 4runner. I was much happier in my old 2002 4runner here last time. At least Toyota compensated for the bloating by making the new plastic running boards flexible so that they pop right back into shape after being squeezed!

On the first day we warmed up by climbing the trivial Putterman's Toe and a pair of easy single pitch cracks on Neighbor of Putterman before jumping on After the Rain, a high quality three pitch route that goes to the summit. We wrapped up the day by aiding up an unknown bolt line on an unknown little tower at the base of House of Putterman. We later learned this was Putterman's Nub, and the bolt line a 5.12 sport route. Mark wasn't feeling the mandatory free moves at the top and it was getting dark so he fixed the rope and rapped back down in hopes of finishing it off the next day.

The next morning we climbed House of Putterman via a semi-popular three pitch route called Walden's Room. This is the one I was most interested in of the bunch because it's actually a real, fairly prominent tower with no easy way to the top. The climbing was fun, varied, and never very sustained and all of the belays were very comfortable - all in all a very enjoyable experience. Afterwards we returned to the Nub next door where I jugged our fixed line and managed to convince myself to pull the free moves of unknown difficuty to top out. It felt like 5.7 or maybe 5.8 tops.

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