Peak Climbed: UN 13,050

Peak Height: 13,050'

Route: South Slopes

Difficulty: Class 2

Location: Sawatch Mountains, Colorado

Trailhead: Saint Elmo

Mileage & Gain: 8 mi & 3,200 ft RT

Date Climbed: February 9, 2019

Saint Elmo is a great winter destination. It seems to be a snowmobiling hot spot and the jeep roads in the area are very well tracked. UN 13,500 is easily accessed from the road to Tincup Pass.

The south slopes are fairly low angle, though there are a few steeper sections and some finesse is required in touchy conditions. I was aiming for the blunt southeast ridge, but the terrain sucked us further west, to the western edge of the south slopes. We overcame a short but steep stint near treeline on wind scoured talus and tundra.

It looks like one could easily traverse to Emma Burr Mountain or "Tincup Peak" from UN 13,050, but I decided to save them for another day instead of contending with the nasty wind chill and questionable weather. By itself, UN 13,050 requires very little effort as winter 13ers go - 1,200 feet of heavy trailbreaking between the road and treeline.

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