Zion National Park, Utah
RT Stats: ~ 14 miles & 3,000 feet
Difficulty: Dirty Class 3

Upsilon Temple is an obscure little mystery that resides in the seldom visited northeast corner of the park. Suspended a bit below the rim near the wild and rugged confluence of Deep Creek and the North Fork of the Virgin River, I always figured it was probably just another member of the long list of unobtainable Zion summits.

Upsilon Temple can't be seen from any vantage that I am aware of, and one must commit to a 14 mile slog just to sneak a peak at it. Oh, and I could mention that the round trip drive between the Visitor Center and the "trailhead" takes close to 3 hours. That's quite the investment for such a question mark.

Today the promise of a fun day out with great folks made any potential objective an enticing one, even if my gut did give it a mere 5% chance of success at best. In any case, lovely Dakota Hill and UN 6,812 would be guaranteed, albeit lame, consolation prizes. Eight of us set out on Jenny's birthday to see what we could see...

Ain't no tree gonna stop us, dangit! You know its gonna get good when the tow strap comes out.

AA, Jenny, Giles & Julie pause to chat on the way to magnificent Dakota Hill.

Nearing the summit of Dakota Hill.

Game trails lead us ever westward on a minor rolling ridge system, for the most part saving us from obnoxious brush.

UN 6,812, which at this point I'm confident will be our last summit of the day.

But wait, here were are ascending the final slope to Upsilon Temple! Yeeha!

Looking back at the rim from which we just descended.

Giles scrambles high above the chasm carved by the North Fork of the Virgin River.

View north from Upsilon Temple.

Dominic near the top of Upsilon Temple.

The rim and the steep slope we descended.

The best shot I got of elusive Upsilon Temple.

All together back on Dakota Hill: AA, Jenny, Julie, Giles, DB, CP & Dom

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