Wind River Peak is the only summit that rises above the 13,000 foot mark in the southern half of the Wind River Range; the other 31 thirteeners are clustered in the northern half. The standard route, if there is one, follows the Middle Popo Agie River west for many miles and eventually ascends the south slopes of the gentle giant. Most parties plan on at least 3 days for the round trip.

We managed to sneak in a morning of sport climbing at nearby Wild Iris before setting out with overnight packs from Worthen Meadow around 2pm, perhaps not the best idea but I underestimated the 11 mile approach by a bit! Somehow, depsite not having done any hiking in months, we managed what turned out to be a 32 mile round trip complete with a restful overnight at stay Tayo Park in the span of less than 30 hours. Not bad! This one sets the record for number of miles hiked to bag a single peak!

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