Ypsilon Mountain's Y-Couloir is considered to be one of Colorado's most classic alpine snow climbs. Both branches are long, steep and aesthetic. And the lengthy approach nearly guarantees solitude. We chose to do the left branch as a daytrip from home with a 12:30am alarm. The overnight option is also popular.

Massive runnels in the left branch created some unusually steep climbing. The crux in these conditios was a short, slabby rock step where the couloir had recently melted out. The cornice at the top didn't pose any real threat and was easily bypassed on the right.

Peak Climbed: Ypsilon Mountain (13,514')

Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Trailhead: Lawn Lake

Route: Y Couloir - Left Branch Difficulty: Steep Snow Mileage & Gain: 14.4 mi, 5570 ft

Date Climbed: 6/25/2016

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