Adobe Swale

April 3, 2010

An interesting, slightly wet, half-day slot canyon

I thought we were doing Shillelagh!?

Dominic looks like he's prepared for nearby Shillelagh Canyon instead. Apparently he was confused about the day's agenda. (A shillelagh is a special stick the Irish fight with)

Dropping into Adobe Swale

Dwight drops into the slot at the head of Adobe Swale. A swale is defined as a low-lying or depressed and often wet stretch of land.

Pleasant stroll

The canyon starts out as a pleasant stroll between beautiful, narrow sandstone walls.

Purple patterns

Thid beautiful, purplish pattern was exposed on one area of the canyon wall. I'd like to know more about it.

I think he likes it

Adobe Swale gets Dominic's stamp of approval early on in the form of an ear to ear grin.


Kevin works his way down one of many short elevators in the canyon.

Opening up

Kevin scrambles along as the canyon relents temporarily relents.

Having some fun

Dominic has some fun stemming above the floor.


Dominic climbs down a pimply section of the canyon. 

Short downclimb

Kevin takes his turn at the short, pimply downclimb.

Downclimb on rappel

This drop is a big one with more serious consequences so Kevin is downclimbing it while on rappel, a self belay of sorts.

Prepare to get wet!

Dwight begins the downclimb of a short chute that will deposit him in a dirty pothole. This is the first bit of water we encountered.

Kevin oozing down

Kevin oozes his way down the little chute barefoot to keep his shoes dry... as usual taking our shoes off here ended up being pointless because there was more water ahead and we had to get a lot more than our shoes soaked eventually.


Kevin wades through the muddy pothole.

Dominic's turn

Dominic is wise and leaves his shoes on for the splash down.

Third pothole

After wading waist deep through a second pothole (not pictured) Kevin slides down into a third water-filled pothole, this one again only calf deep. That's his sock floating in the water; bad throw!

Smooth rappel

Dominic raps a smooth, vertical drop.

Dwight on rappel

Dwight prepares to rappel down into another water-filled pothole.

Big pothole

Looking down at the large water-filled pothole from the top of the rappel. The water is only thigh deep.

Pothole rappel

Dominic rappels down toward the pool.

Pulling the rope

A happy Dominic begins to pull the rope while exiting the pothole.

Tricky downclimb

Dominic prepares to downclimb/jump a tricky drop that the rest of us used a rope for.

Fun downclimb

Dominic spots Kevin on a sporty downclimb.

Leaning hallway

Dominic and Dwight in a leaning hallway near the end of the slot.


The canyon opens up.


The hike out to the car (we set up a shuttle) is mostly up slickrock and is quite scenic.

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