Blarney Canyon (Right & Left Forks)

April 4, 2010

A relaxing half day in two easy but scenic slot canyons

Slickrock approach

Dominic, Dwight and Kevin start up pleasant slickrock slopes in early morning. We're hoping to descend both forks of Blarney Canyon with plenty of time left for the long drive home.

Hiking along the rim

We hike along the rim on the east side of Blarney Canyon. This is also the approach for Shillelagh Canyon and we'd come to know it well.

Henry Mountains

Dwight and Kevin compare GPS readings as we head for the head of the canyon. The Henry Mountains form a beautiful backdrop.

Right Fork of Blarney Canyon

Dominic enters the right fork of Blarney Canyon.

An aesthetic, laid back romp

Dwight kicks off the aesthetic, laid back romp. Its the perfect outing after two very full days of canyoneering.

Passing a chockstone

Dwight climbs over a pesky chockstone.

Kevin on rappel

Kevin rappels a small drop near the end of the technical portion of the canyon.

Just a stroll

Dominic enjoys an easy stroll through the scenic canyon.

Optional workout 

Dominic and Dwight aren't worn out enough yet so they opt for another little workout.

Blarney Canyon

Blarney Canyon as seen from the rim. After descending the right fork we repeated the approach in order to explore the left fork.

Warm mid-morning light

Dominic hikes toward the head of Blarney Canyon under the warm mid-morning sun.

Left Fork of Blarney Canyon

The guys scope out the beginning of the Left Fork. They determine that the best way down is right below Dominic. From this angle the downclimb looks intimidating but it ends up being easy.

First rappel

Dominic rappels a smooth chute at the beginning of the canyon.


Dominic catches a few minutes of rest while the the rest of us do the rappel. Its been a tiring couple of days!

Kevin on rappel

Kevin rappels; Dwight's next in line.

Beautiful narrows

Dominic in some mellow but lovely narrows.

Short elevator

Kevin starts down a short elevator.


Kevin concentrates on a critical move.

Lining up for rappel

Kevin, Dwight and Dominic line up for a rappel.

Rappelling into the darkness

Dominic rappels down into the darkness.

More monkey business

Some more unnecessary screwing around.


Kevin gets in some pushups to round out the day.

Convenient ledges

Kevin walks along some convenient ledges just above the canyon floor.

Going down?

Dwight elevators down to terra firma.

The aftermath

This picture speaks for itself.

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