"The Bodhisattva" & "Sneak Peak"

April 16, 2010

A full day hike and scramble to two obscure summits

Angels Landing

Angels Landing from the West Rim Trail. The Virgin River can be seen more than 1,000 feet below.

"The Bodhisattva" & "Sneak Peak"

"The Bodhisattva" (left) and "Sneak Peak"  (just left of center) as seen from near the point at which the route leaves the comfort of the West Rim Trail.

"Sneak Peak"

"Sneak Peak" as seen on the approach to "The Bodhisattva". We hope to have time to climb it this afternoon if all goes well.

Enchanted forest

The approach to "The Bodhisattva" passes through an enchanted little forest with a remote feel. Enjoy the solitude.

South Buttress

Finally we set eyes on our ticket to the summit: the South Buttress. It sure looks steep!

Base of South Buttress

Dominic poses at the base of the somewhat intimidating South Buttress.


As we begin scrambling up the South Buttress we spy a beautiful waterfall off to the west. There is a lot of snow melting up high.


Rock shoes are a big help for this low 5th class crack. It is not difficult but it is dirty. Exposure is minimal. Feet jams work well.

Sandy, crumbly slabs

The crux of the route for us is the sandy, crumbly slab above the crack. Even with rock shoes the footing isn't solid. The moves are very low 5th class but the dirtiness magnifies their seriousness. A fall could mean a long, painful pendulum over low angle sandstone. 

Easier terrain

Above the crux the terrain mellows.

Aesthetic line

The South Buttress is a truly aesthetic line: steep and smooth. I love looking at it. Its dirtiness and obscure location will surely deter most scramblers though.

"Sneak Peak" from "The Bodhisattva"

The flat-topped "Sneak Peak" as seen from "The Bodhisattva".

Looking back at approach

Looking back at the approach from the summit plateau. The south ridge of "The Bodhisattva" is in the foreground. We hiked up the valley to the right (west) of it to reach the steep South Buttress.

Summit Mesa of "The Bodhisattva"

Dominic hikes across the summit mesa toward the highgpoint of "The Bodhisattva". There is a strangely serene and remote feel here on this little oasis surrounded by plunging cliffs.

Top of "The Bodhisattva"

Dominic touches the top of the "The Bodhisattva": an odd-shaped, precariously overhanging boulder.


Dominic carefully descends the South Buttress.

Rapping the crux

Dominic raps down the sketchy slabs.

South ridge of "Sneak Peak"

Dominic hikes along the south ridge of "Sneak Peak".

Dominic & "Sneak Peak"

Dominic and "Sneak Peak" from the south ridge of "Sneak Peak".

"The Bodhisattva"

"The Bodhisattva" as seen from the summit mesa of "Sneak Peak".


Dominic on the descent of "Sneak Peak".


Dominic traverses some thin ledges on "Sneak Peak".

Mountain of Mystery

The Mountain of Mystery. This peak is high in my list!

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