"G2" & "G3"

April 26, 2009

A scenic but circuitous hike and scramble to some rarely visited Zion gems

Jenny Peak

"Jenny Peak"

View of "Jenny Peak" from above Gifford Canyon. The two points on the right are known as "Jenny's Nipples".

G2 and G3

"G2", "G3" & The West Temple

View of "G2" (left), "G3" (bump on right) and The West Temple (behind) from high ground between Gifford Canyon and Hepworth Wash. Our ascent route gained the saddle between "G2" and "G3" and traversed to the backside of "G2" where one short 5th class pitch provided access to the summit. "G3" was an easy scramble from the saddle.

Gifford Peak

North Face of "Gifford Peak"

The north face of "Gifford Peak". The vertical cracks cut deep into the mountain and are quite impressive.

Destination Peak

"Destination Peak"

"Destination Peak" as seen from the drainage between it and "Gifford Peak". The easiest route to the summit is reportedly 4th class.

Slot between Gifford and Destination Peaks

Slot between "Destination Peak" and "Gifford Peak"

A nifty slot that we passed through under the north face of "Gifford Peak.

The Vortex

The Vortex

CP walking into one of the deep, vertical cracks on the north face of "Gifford Peak". The entrance is hidden, but luckily CP knew where it was and could show it to us. It has been coined "The Vortex" by local hikers. Very cool!

View from inside The Vortex

View from inside The Vortex

Dwight took this picture from inside The Vortex. I'm standing at the entrance.

G2 and G3 from Hepworth Wash

"G2" and "G3" from Hepworth Wash

"G2" and "G3" as seen from Hepworth Wash. Finally, they seemed within reach.


Slickrock slopes

Dwight scrambling up slickrock slopes toward the "G2" - "G3" saddle.

G2 summit

"G2" summit

CP stands atop the seldom visited "G2". He thought that we were the 3rd ascent party, but Dwight found an arrowhead that implied otherwise!

Bridge Mountain

Bridge Mountain from "G2"

Impressive Bridge Mountain towering over Zion Canyon as seen from the summit of "G2".

View west from G2

View west from "G2"

View west from the summit of "G2". The peak on the right is The Watchman.

Bridge Mountain and The East Temple

Bridge Mountain & The East Temple

Bridge Mountain and The East Temple as seen from the summit of "G2".

View east from G2

View east from "G2"

View east from the summit of "G2". "Stevensworth Peak" is in the foreground. Hepworth Wash is behind it. The row of peaks in the background are (left to right): "Destination Peak", "Gifford Peak", "Hepworth Peak" and "Roof Peak".

Rappelling the crux

Rappelling the crux

Dwight rappelling the crux on "G2". This short pitch is rated about 5.2 and although some may find it reasonable to climb unroped, most will welcome a rope for the descent. A convenient tree makes for a great rappel anchor.


Nearing summit of "G3"

Dwight nearing the summit of "G3". This unranked peak is a quick, easy scramble from the "G2" - "G3" saddle and provides excellent views. I measured it to have about 190 feet of prominence.

Descent from G2

Starting the descent

Starting the alternate descent northwest from the "G2" - "G3" saddle. The West Temple dominates the view.

Descent from G2

View west on the descent

The Watchman (left) and Smithsonian Butte (right) can be seen on the descent to the "G3" - Bridge Mountain saddle.

Bridge Mountain

Bridge Mountain

Bridge Mountain as seen from the southeast. The route to the summit is up steep, exposed, unprotectable slickrock slopes on the left side.

Gifford Peak

"Gifford Peak"

"Gifford Peak" as seen on our hike back to the trailhead. The route goes up the ridge that is visible and is just a scramble except for one short low 5th class pitch.

South face of Destination Peak

South Face of "Destination Peak"

"Destination Peak" as seen on our hike back to the trailhead.

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