Horse Ranch Mountain & UN 7,125

November 12, 2009

A hike to the highpoint of Zion National Park

Typical terrain

Typical terrain encountered on the way to Horse Ranch Mountain. For the most part its an easy hike.


Kevin scrambling up some very red rock. We're a little off route here.


Kevin checking out an alcove we found while off route.

Northwest ridge

Kevin hiking along the northwest ridge of Horse Ranch Mountain.

Steep dirt traverse

Near the top of the northwest ridge, a faint trail traverses south across very steep dirt to gain access to the summit plateau. This part is easy but keeps you on your toes.

Summit bushwhack

After gaining the summit plateau it looks like an easy stroll to the summit... and it would be  if the brush wasn't so thick. The summit doesn't give itself up without some serious bushwhacking!

Traversing the dirt slope

Kevin traversing back across the dirt slope. For some reason we both thought that the return trip seemed more attention-grabbing.

Point 7,792

Kevin heading back to unranked point 7,792 which is located at the top of Horse Ranch Mountain's northwest ridge.

UN 7,125

UN 7,125 is located northwest of Horse Ranch Mountain and is just a short side trip. This is probably the only peak in Zion that I will ever beat CP to! 

Horse Ranch Mountain

The northwest side of Horse Ranch Mountain as seen from UN 7,125.

View from the trailhead

Massive Horse Ranch Mountain as seen from near the Taylor Creek Trailhead.

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