"Jenny Peak", "Roof Peak" & "Hepworth Peak"

November 14, 2009

A relatively easy romp through a beautiful slickrock paradise

West slopes of "Jenny Peak"

James and Kevin make their way up the wet, slick western slopes of "Jenny Peak".

The East Temple

The East Temple as seen from the western slopes of "Jenny Peak".

Jenny's Nipples

"Jenny's Nipples", two pointy crags near the summit of Jenny Peak".

On one of Jenny's Nipples

James and Kevin on one of Jenny's Nipples. We climbed them both.

Above Gifford Canyon

Kevin hiking up the unnamed drainage that heads west from the head of Gifford Canyon. This drainage provides 3rd class access to the "Roof Peak"/"Hepworth Peak" saddle.

"Hepworth Peak" from the saddle

"Hepworth Peak" as seen from the "Roof Peak"/"Hepworth Peak" saddle. From here the summit is an easy scramble away.

Nearing the summit of "Roof Peak"

James approaching the summit of "Roof Peak" from the west.

"G2" & "G3"

"G2" (left) and "G3" (right) as seen from "Hepworth Peak". These peaks make for an incredible Zion backcountry experience.

Summit of "Roof Peak"

The summit of "Roof Peak" as seen from the east. We went over to the eastern sub-summit to verify that it was indeed lower.

Descending "Roof Peak"

James and Kevin descending the northwest face of "Roof Peak", an easy but crumbly 3rd class scramble.

Climbing "Hepworth Peak"

Kevin leading the way up the south face of "Hepworth Peak". The summit is out of view to the left.

Steep slabs on "Hepworth Peak"

James carefully scrambles up steep slabs on the south face of "Hepworth Peak". These slabs are avoidable and we chose an easier path on the way down.

"Roof Peak"

"Roof Peak" as seen from the summit of "Hepworth Peak".

Descent from saddle

Kevin and James descending the slickrock bowl east of the "Roof Peak"/"Hepworth Peak" saddle.

Heading back to Gifford Canyon

Kevin and James heading back toward Gifford Canyon.

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