Leprechaun Canyon (Main Fork)

November 5, 2009

A very narrow and physically demanding slot canyon

Climbing into Leprechaun

Aron awaits his turn to climb down into the Main Fork of Leprechaun Canyon. This is generally accepted as the toughest of the three forks. Its also known as "Shimrock".

Dropping into Leprechaun

Aron drops into Leprechaun Canyon downclimbing with a handline.

Leprechaun entrance

Dominic climbs down into Leprechaun Canyon.

Interesting downclimb

Interesting downclimb near the beginning of Lep (as it is affectionately called).


The canyon soon narrows.

A tight downclimb

Aron begins a tight, awkward downclimb.

Climbing into the slot

Aron climbs down into the narrow slot.


A lot of the time squeezing between the tight walls makes the downclimbing almost trivial.

Oddly textured walls

Aron and CP propel their way along a narrow section of canyon with oddly textured walls.

More tight downclimbing

Dominic does some more tight downclimbing. By now my skin is feeling a little raw. The canyon walls are incredibly abrasive.

Tricky downclimb

Aron climbs down a tricky spot. A handline is in place if he needs it.

Water avoidance

Aron stems over a pool of dirty water.

View from the other side

Dominic stems over the same pool as seen from the down canyon side. Chuck anxiously awaits his turn.

Squeezing down

Aron squeezes his way down to the canyon floor.


The canyon gets seriously narrow and I'm surprised to find that it feels tighter to me than Shenanigans. Working through the narrows feels like a bunch of work and we're all getting tired.

The constriction relents

CP and Aron scramble along a "wide" section of canyon.


Somewhere up above the sun is about to set and this deep canyon is very dark. We finally concede and dig out our headlamps.

Finishing it up

Dominic near the end of Lep, finishing up an incredible first day of canyoneering!

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