"Pinnacle Ridge"

July 30, 2009

A climb up Dinwoody Glacier followed by a short rock scramble to an interesting summit

Southeast slopes of South Ariel Peak

Starting the move to Titcomb Basin

The team moving camp over Dinwoody Glacier en route to Bonney Pass and Titcomb Basin.

Crux of Progeny Peak's southeast slopes route


Dominic heading up the finger of Dinwoody Glacier just south of Gooseneck Glacier. When we awoke the peaks were socked in and we gave up hopes of climbing anything. However, as we backpacked over Dinwoody Glacier the clouds started lifting and Dominic, Teresa & I decided to roll the dice and make an unexpected attempt at Pinnacle Ridge.

Aries Butte from South Ariel summit

Dominic on Dinwwody Galcier

The branch of Dinwoody Glacier south of Gooseneck Glacier is fairly interesting; we walked past and over many crevasses that were still filled in with snow. Pinnacle Ridge is coming into view on the left. The couloir we used to access the summit is the rather wide one that is obvious on the left side.

View west from South Ariel summit

Teresa walking over a crevasse

Teresa stepping over a snow-filled crevasse en route to Pinnacle Ridge.

View down South Ariel Peak's southeast slopes route

Approaching "Pinnacle Ridge"

Dominic approaching Pinnacle Ridge. We're in luck - the weather has cleared considerably.

Climbing down the crux

East side couloir

Dominic starting up the short, steep couloir. Pinnacle Ridge is a long series if pinnacles and we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll pop out close to the highpoint.

Climbing down the crux

Mount Woodrow Wilson

Striking Mount Woodrow Wilson as seen from Pinnacle Ridge.

Climbing down the crux

The blocky summit

Dominic gives Teresa a belay while she tags the airy highpoint of Pinnacle Ridge.

Climbing down the crux

Teresa rappelling the rock pitch

Teresa rappelling the somewhat snowy and icy rock pitch below the summit.

Climbing down the crux

Dominic rappelling the rock pitch

The climbing on this pitch was in the 5.0 ballpark and would be a reasonable unroped scramble when dry.

Climbing down the crux

Teresa rappelling steep snow

Teresa and I decided to rappel the steepest part of the couloir from a rock anchor at the top because we could. Dominic cleaned the anchor and downclimbed.

Climbing down the crux

Turret Peak

Turret Peak as seen from Dinwoody Glacier. The highpoint is the summit on the left side of the central notch. We climbed the west ridge from Elsie Col, the saddle on the right. Mount Warren is the peak on the far right.

Climbing down the crux

The Sphinx

The Sphinx as seen from Dinwoody Glacier. The easiest route ascends the ridge on the right from the saddle with Mount Woodrow Wilson.

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