The Watchman

March 21, 2009

A stiff scramble to a classic Zion summit with very difficult routefinding

Pikes Peak North Face

The West Temple

The West Temple as seen during the approach to The Watchman. The south ridge, which we climbed the previous day, is the one on the left.

Railroad Couloir

Bridge Mountain

Bridge mountain as seen on the approach to The Watchman.

Y Couloir

Johnson Mountain

Johnson Moutain as seen from the Johnson Mountain Ridge.  A 4th class route to the summit reportedly exists, but so far I have failed to locate it.

Y Couloir

Gully maze

Making our way up the maze of steep gullies on the west face of The Watchman.

Y Couloir

Confusing terrain

Everything looks the same on the west face and routefinding is very difficult.


View west

View west from the summit of The Watchman. Mount Kinesava and The West Temple are among the peaks seen above the town of Springdale.


View north

View north up Zion Canyon from the summit of The Watchman. Bridge Mountain, "G2" and The East Temple are near the center of the photo.


Summit ridge

Negotiating the short ridge to the summit of The Watchman.


Final steps

The boys making the final steps to the summit of The Watchman.


Summit break

Three happy climbers on the summit of The Watchman, a hard-earned peak.


Beginning the descent

Starting the descent of the west face. Johnson Mountain can be seen in the background


Rappelling past the crux

Kevin rappelling down past the low 5th class crux near the bottom of the west face. The climb is actually out of sight to the left.


Johnson Mountain Ridge

Back on the Johnson Mountain Ridge and ready for the descent back to The Watchman Campground.

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